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Heaven in a clutch-Hermes Birkin

If desires could reach the height of zenith and money would have been no issue every fashion conscious cosmopolitan woman would love to own an exquisite piece of accessory lined up as a mega brand Hermes Birkin.These lovely handmade beauties have been dedicated in the name of well known actress as well as singer Jane Birkin.

Demand quotient

The increasing popularity and demand of these bags are due to the fact that they are rare and expensive thus altogether culminating as the symbol of beauty, aristocracy and trend. As natural to any kind of product, the consumer demand rises with the rarity of the product along with its price. Similarly, the company had tricked its customers by hoarding its output and creating extra demand.


Elegant designing

The bags are handmade by experienced craftsmen in France and each bad comes with a stitched signature of the brand on its saddle. Each bag takes a time span of 48 hours within which the leather is sewn with their own hands by the craftsmen, buffing is prepared, they are polished as well as painted with great care. No two bags are the same as they are made by varied individuals with varied specialization. The raw materials too are obtained from different farms in France thus they smell different and colour varies by degrees.

Variety available

These Hermes Birkin  bags offer quite a gallery to choose from, they could be of different hides, colour and fixtures for hardware. You could choose your material from leather obtained from calf, ostrich, lizard or even crocodile. These bags could be of any size and shape ranging from   25-40 cm length and of any colour-red, white, blue, golden and so on. The price could range from $11,550-$150,000.

With every woman style comes with fashion or fashion comes with style. At any case these expensive treasures could comfortably complement booth style and fashion. These are each an element of art and craftsmanship, workers expert in hand made specialised items have come together to create each of these items and their experience and hard work justifies their cost. In the age of machine made cheaper goods and the loss of antiquity all over the world these works off hand -made expertise stands as a turning point of the old world originality.

However, Jane Birkin in year 2015 has requested Hermes to cease the use of her name as a brand for the bags made out of crocodile skin due to her subjective ethical issues.